I love mountains. Paths, uphill, hard work, woods, flowers, pine needles, more uphill, shade, low branches, slow and regular steps, rocks, more hard work, deer, ravines, fresh air and … on the top you may find a wonderful blue sky with some white and fluffy little clouds. They look like whipped cream. Yes…just delicious whipped cream.

Ingredients x about 10 pieces:

  • 350 gr. Semintegral spelt flour
  • 210 gr. Manitoba flour
  • 7 gr. Fresh Yeast
  • 60 grs. Soy butter
  • 110 gr. Barley malt
  • 170 gr. Almond milk
  • 3 drops of organic orange essential oil for food (or organic orange peel)
  • 40 gr. Maple Syrup
  • 100 gr. Water
  • 75 gr. Sugar
  • Vegan whipped cream
  • Icing sugar


Dissolve the fresh yeast in the warmed milk and add the maple syrup. In the planetary mixer insert the two flours, barley malt and milk with the yeast and mix well. Add the butter and orange essential oil (or zest). Let the machine works until the dough is completely detached from the walls of the basket and rolls to the hook (stringing). The mixture should be smooth, elastic and slightly sticky.

Transfer the dough into a bowl and let it rise – covered with plastic wrap – until doubled in size. Then turn out onto a work surface and divide into balls of about 90 gr. each. Shape the dough into a round ball; then place the balls on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Cover again with plastic wrap (taking care to leave it very soft, so that the dough can rise) and let rest until doubled in size.

Preheat oven to 180°C (356°F). Bake the maritozzi for about 15 minutes (or until golden brown).

In the meantime, prepare a syrup with water and sugar by heating the water in a small saucepan; then add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

As soon as the maritozzi are cooked. Take them out of the oven and brush them with the syrup. Then let them cool on a wire rack.

Cut the maritozzi and fill with lots of whipped cream, finishing them off with powdered sugar.


During the kneading stage, the amount of milk may vary depending on the types of flours used.

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