Here’s my recipe for a simple and healthy cake for a good breakfast.

Recipe: Easy



– 300 gr. Type 2 flour (Sifted)

– 90 gr. Rice syrup

– 1 Orange (Peel and  Juice)

– 150 gr. Soya milk

– 17 gr. Organic Yeast

– 20 gr. Corn Seed Oil

– 50 gr. Dark chocolate

– A pinch of salt



Grate the orange rind and then squeeze the juice.

In a bowl pour the sifted FLOUR, the grated orange peel, the finely chopped DARK CHOCOLATE and the SALT. Mix and add the RICE SYRUP, SOY MILK,  CORN SEED OIL, ORANGE JUICE and finally the YEAST.

Bake at 180°C/350° F for about 30 minutes. Check the cooking with a toothpick (this should come out clean), remove from the oven and let cool before serving.



  • For a more pronounced sweetness, adjust the amount of rice syrup.

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