A well known, versatile and simple sauce to make. It can be flavoured and coloured in a thousand different ways, creating beautiful and tasty dishes. Here is my Veg version of Mayonnaise Sauce.

Recipe: Very Easy


– 100 gr. Soya milk

– 180 gr. Corn Seed Oil

– 5 gr. Lemon juice

– 3 gr. salt

– Spices as desire



Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for about 20/25 seconds.

For a more or less dense mayonnaise, adjust the oil dosage.



  • To obtain exciting colours, I suggest adding Vegetable Puree to your preparation. For example, for a nice bright pink hue, add cooked and blended beetroot, while for yellow you may use turmeric powder.
  • The addition of aromatic herbs will allow you to get an aromatic and even more tasty sauce.


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